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Do they give away the secret sauce

Apparently, there is a new training practice for McDonald’s employees in Japan.  The revolutionary new method? The NintendoDS and I am not kidding.  The DS is very popular in Japan, obviously, and the Golden Arches are hoping to make the training process more efficient, delivering it in a way that is more readily received for […]

What will they think of next?

Randy Sarafan is releasing a book titled “62 Projects to Make With a Dead Computer (and Other Discarded Electronics).” In it, he details how to turn old technology into something completely different and useful. While my favorite is not the most practical use of old tech, I love the idea of the 8-bit Nintendo controller […]

Nintendo isn’t an iPad fan

In a story from, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata dismissed the recently unveiled iPad as nothing but a bigger iPod touch. Now, while I’m not inclined to disagree with that, what makes me wonder if Iwata is really hip to current trends in technology is his similar attitude toward 3D technology and high definition for […]

The Pantheon of Geek Gods

This caught my eye on mainly because of the title.  I’m not just an IT fan, but a Greek mythology fan as well.  They have the biggest names in various IT fields, and I was tickled to see this guy. This is Shigeru Miyamoto, and anyone who enjoys video games knows this gentleman. He […]

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