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Tablet computers abound

I’m finding more tablet computers that are on par with the iPad from a spec sheet point of view, and in some key ways, are actually better. Like this one. This Eken M001 has an SD memory card in addition to USB ports. It can also hold 32 GB of info. I think it might […]

I got to try an iPad

I was at a Best Buy this past weekend, and I got my first look at an iPad. Best Buy had a wi-fi connection so people could surf the internet. When I first picked it up, I was surprised at the weight of the iPad. It’s surprisingly heavy for how thin it is. When surfing, […]

Apps, Apps, Everywhere

As Apple continues to push both the iPad and iPhone with more and more apps, the Android is starting to bridge the gap slightly with its own app store. The Android now boasts 38,000 different apps right now and is on pace to have 100,000 by year’s end. The Apple store already 100,000, so it appears at […]

This is hilarious

The joke has already been done, but I’ll repeat it for purposes of this post.  You want to govern a country halfway around the world? There’s an app for that. The prime minister of Norway is stuck in New York due to ash from a volcano in Iceland making the air lanes blocked. Well, the […]

Apple employees are treated like customers

Security is so tight around the new iPad that even employees of Apple stores haven’t gotten a chance to work with the thing. I don’t understand the reason for this, it’s not like there is a secret as to the appearance or general method of operation.  I would think it would behoove Apple to educate […]

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