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The iLoo

Before I start, I just want to say that I love the technological age we have going right now. All the great devices and services for connecting to people and information is wonderful. That being said, I do have think that people need to remember that it’s ok to be away from the internet for […]

The next big thing in TV

Is probably going to be the next big thing in internet use. Google unveiled Google TV, software that will integrated into certain TVs as well as some satellite TV companies. They’re calling it “smart TV.” This will help people surf the internet, especially if they can’t get really fast internet access. This should be an interesting development to watch when the […]

Broadband internet solutions

There’s a story about small cable companies not receiving money from the government with the intention of bringing broadband to rural areas. Larger companies got the lion’s share of the money. Smaller cable companies are worried about being able to compete for customers.  Here’s what I say about this. I live in a rural area and […]

Let’s Get Ready to IT Rumble

Ben Kunz posted an article on the Business Week website where he details what he calls the “splinternet.” Basically, all the mobile devices that are flooding the market each have their own applications that are not real compatible with other devices.  Kunz mentions the iPod and the Droid phone along with Amazon’s Kindle reader.  Wouldn’t […]

Things that make you go…

he really said that? Mark Cuban, as a guest contributor to MSNBC, has written an article concerning an upcoming merger between Comcast and NBC Universal. The question originally comes from Al Franken who wants the merger to include offering all of their TV shows over the internet. Mr. Cuban explains, in some not so subtle […]

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