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This is a great idea

Since I have what many people call a “dumb” phone (one that only calls and texts), texting is a time-consuming process since I don’t have a microscopic keyboard on my phone. And my pudgy thumbs are grateful for that. That’s why when I read this article, I immediately realized how useful this could be. Someone has […]

Cell phones + tumors = inconclusive

Depending on your outlook of the world and the current state of technology, you may look at this story as either the glass being haf full or half empty. A decade long study on the connection between cell phone use and brain tumors has proven to be inconclusive. Part of the problem lies in the […]

The cell phone trend

I have watched the evolution of cell phone technology with fascination. The smart phones, the iPhone, Blackberries, everything that cell phones can do is amazing. However, I don’t think they can do everything. A new study reveals that only 1 out of every 4 households still has a home phone line due to various members […]

The coming trend

There’s a report that says teen texting has doubled during the last four years. It also says that there are more children who own their own cell phone and that the use of email and landline telephone has decreased slightly.  I have to wonder why people seem to feel that spending money on this type […]

Microsofts next of Kin

Microsoft unveiled its new cell phones Monday, the Kin 1 and the Kin 2. Microsoft is hoping these will catch on with the social networking and texting crowd and recover some of the market from the iPhone and Android. Usually, though, unless there is a major shift in either functionality or price, buyers like to […]

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