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This would be cool too

Since AT&T is planning on treating bytes like minutes, why not have rollover bytes. It would make sense and be somewhat fair. If someone doesn’t use their quota of bytes in their selected data plan, then they should be credited to the next month’s allotment. If we can have rollover minutes, I think we should […]

AT&T’s new data plans

AT&T is changing their data plans for mobile devices like the Blackberry and the iPhone. Before, you could get unlimited data usage for $40. Now, you will have a choice similar to an broadband air card. You can pay $25 for 2GB of data or $15 for 200MB each month. I’m not sure this is […]

Jobs defends AT&T

And another nail appears to go in the Verizon iPhone coffin. Steve Jobs said Tuesday, among other things, that he is happy to stick with AT&T since they made the leap of faith to trust Apple with the iPhone when it debuted. Jobs admits that AT&T’s network, while not perfect, is getting better. He just […]

Dog Gone it!

Forget any plans you had of owning a Verizon iPhone anytime soon. The terms of the original contract between Apple and AT&T has been uncovered. According to the contract, AT&T has exclusive rights to the iPhone until 2012. This absolutely stinks considering AT&T’s customer satisfaction rating is the lowest. There are some people who speculate […]

BlackBerry Bold FINALLY to Debut

So talk about a laggard to the party RIM!  After 6 months of the official annoucement of the BB Bold, RIM finally set a release date in stone for the US and it looks like AT&T will get it first as suspected.  RIM has been really taking a beating lately and I really hope this […]

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