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iPhone to T-Mobile

Well, if at first you don’t get Verizon, try T-Mobile. I’m not holding my breath for this one after getting a little excited over Verizon, but an analyst believes that T-Mobile will offer the iPhone by 2011. Now, whether that is the first part of 2011 or the last part, he didn’t say. But trust […]

iPhone 4 with video

Well, it seems that the biggest thing about the new iPhone, other than it won’t be available for Verizon, is the new video chat feature. A camera on the front allows users of the new iPhone to see each other while they talk.  Video talking is not new, but many think that now since Apple […]

Jobs defends AT&T

And another nail appears to go in the Verizon iPhone coffin. Steve Jobs said Tuesday, among other things, that he is happy to stick with AT&T since they made the leap of faith to trust Apple with the iPhone when it debuted. Jobs admits that AT&T’s network, while not perfect, is getting better. He just […]

Apple vs. Flash (and Nokia and Opera)

Nokia and Opera, a cell phone producer and internet browser company, respectively, have publicly stated support for Adobe’s Flash software. Adobe and Flash have gotten into a heated spat through the media concerning Adobe’s Flash software. Apple CEO Steve Jobs has called the program a buggy battery hog while Adobe has lashed out at Apple over […]

Holy Price Drop, Batman

Wal-Mart has cut the cost of the 16GB 3GS iPhone almost in half, going $97 with a two year contract with AT&T. Many people take this as a sign that Apple plans to launch a new model later this summer. Apple is starting to treat the iPhone like a video game series. There’s been a […]

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