Massages in Huntington Beach booked online


While the idea of booking online appointments is not the latest information to hit the IT Geek world it is being used quite a bit and only increasing. What does this say about the generation booking theses appointments? It says they like fast and efficient communication where they get a confirmation they can see immediately. The businesses to employ this technique of booking appointments online can set up their system to verify the appointments via email so they are saving time and money by relieving a staff member of at least two phone calls with every appointment booked.


By searching the term massages in Huntington Beach for example, a list of spas who offer massage services in that particular area will appear. Then with a quick visit to the spa’s site one can conveniently book a time what works for them without any wait times on the phone. Voila a simple way to ensure some great relaxation. Of course for the folks who still prefer talking to a person spas and other services who provide massages and appointments will continue to take appointments over the phone. There are times when you cannot replace communication over the phone and a world without would take away some of the great conversations that happen.



Will you Buy Google Glasses?

I love Google glasses! I will definitely be a buyer.  Will you? There has been an abundance of speculation regarding the release date.  From what I read it’s looking like it will be as soon as the end of the year 2013. It is amazing how the world of mobile technology has evolved in just the past five years.  I can’t wait to be able use all of the different features.  From recording video to surfing the web, Google glasses will again change how people interact.  Check this video out to see a prototype of what the product will be.  I can bet after watching it you will be hooked and will want in…






Yes! Now you’re hooked, just as I was the first time I saw the video.  The only thing that will deter you is price correct? Well the official prices aren’t out yet, but like all other new technologies expect to pay a pretty penny.

Ring Designs: Brilliant!

Has anyone really sat down and thought about how cool titanium rings can really be? To be honest, the Triton promise ring I got a few weeks ago is made of cobalt, and that’s something that I kind of prefer. However, a lot of people choose titanium as their number one choice, and quite frankly I completely respect that and have nothing bad to say about it.

However, I just wanted to say on a tech side of things how cool the work that goes into making these rings is. They are so under-appreciated. I mean, come on, they take a piece of titanium and mix it with a couple other slight metals and alloys (very minute, mainly for polish and such) and end up making a round ring that is custom designed to be your finger’s size. Then, they can actually add designs and artwork right onto the ring. One popular series right now is the steel cables. I mean, really? The company is literally scrapping the diamonds and fancy stuff and selling you one metal (titanium) with another metal (steel) inside of it, both of which hold no real fashion value on their own.

Sorry if I’m a bit strange. It’s just that I think it’s something not enough people think about!

Cancun Vacation

Okay, I know I usually talk about technology or something in the news, but today is a little bit different. I just have to post about it because I’m so excited. I just booked, along with my girlfriend, an all-inclusive vacation package to Cancun, Mexico. It’s sure been awhile since I went on vacation. In fact, the last place I went was Los Angeles last summer, and that was primarily for business.

I’m truly looking forward to this vacation. It isn’t until December, but I am already 100% ready for it. I just started a full-time job recently at Jack Link’s, so my back has been killing me. Luckily, the resort we are staying at has professional massages. I only hope they’re as good as the massages in Hunting Beach when I was there, because they made me feel so much better.

Either way, the entire vacation was only $800 each for flight and all-inclusive hotel for 5 days. If you didn’t know, all-inclusive includes at no extra charge your food, drinks, and certain activities. I’m so excited!

Tungsten Ring Info

Today, and in the spirit of my girlfriend and I getting each other promise rings, I wanted to simply chill out and give you readers a little tungsten ring info that some of you, if not all, will find fascinating. Tomorrow we will be back to the regular news. Deal? Deal. Now that we got that taken care of, here are the things I will touch on: satin finish, high polish, pipe cut, concave band, soft-beveled edge, beveled edge step-down edge, channel set and bezel set.

A satan finish tungsten ring looks like it has been sanded with fine sand paper. It is smooth and has a soft look without any trace of gloss. This look is achieved by using a very special grinding wheel. Some call this a brushed finish.

High polish is when the metal has a glossy appearance and is polished to almost resemble a mirror.

Pipe cut refers to a flat surfaced band with a very slight rounded edge. A lot of today’s rings are pipe cut so they slip on and off nice without having any real corners drag on your skin.

A concave band is a band that has a sloping shape like the inner surface of a sphere. This is the exterior of the ring and not the part that rests against the skin.

A soft-beveled edge is an edge that slants from a flat center into a mildly sloped edge, as opposed to a sharper angle.

A beveled edge is a slope that slants at a sharper angle from the flat surface of the band to a tapered edge. In comparison, the soft-beveled edge is more rounded.

A step-down edge refers to a flat surfaced band where the edges sit lower than at the center of the band.

Channel set stones are usually all the same dimension and placed side by side in a metal channel.

Bezel set stones are held in place without the use of prongs or beads and set flush with the setting’s surface.

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