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Windows 8 Pro Upgrade for New Buyers

Quite a few people aim to buy new computers in the spring and summer for upcoming classes in the fall or just to have with them as a graduation gift. Well, oftentimes those people fall victim to “old” technology once fall comes, as typically the large companies do their upgrade cycle in August and September. […]

Touch Hardware Talk for Windows 8

If you didn’t know by now, all touch screens are different. Screens that use the same technology will behave differently depending on the controllers used and other details. Windows 8 will have to deal with a bunch of touch implementations, and the Building Windows 8 blog has a new post, which describes some of the […]

Apple Approves iTether App

For one reason or another, Apple has officially approved an app that lets users bypass monthly carrier tethering plans in order to share your iPhone’s wireless connection with your computer. The name of this app is iTether. It connects to Mac and Windows software to share the iPhone’s web connection for a one-time $14.99 fee. […]

Windows 8 IE 10: The Forced Switch to HTML5

Windows 8 will come with two different versions of Internet Explorer 10. One will be like the conventional browser that you and I are so used to. The other, however, is a Metro-style, touch-friendly browser that “lives in the Metro world.” The Metro-style browser will not support plugins, including Flash and Silverlight. These plugins and […]

Windows Server 8 Revealed

Although the Windows 8 operating system is primarly built for the tablet, Windows Server 8 is an operating system built for the cloud. Actually, it’s even built more specifically for “private clouds,” for “on-premises, virtualized deployments with tens or hundreds of virtual machines.” Server Manager contains PowerShell and Server Manager and has a very nice […]

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