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Xbox 720 Probably Not Coming in 2012

Usually, a new generation of console is released every six to seven years. This has been true with Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft for the most part since the start. The Xbox 360 was released in 2005, so one would think that it is up for its next version. Rumors have been flying about it coming […]

Sony Pictures Acquires Film Rights to Steve Jobs

Sony Pictures has successfully acquired the filming rights to the biography of Steve Jobs, which will be written by Walter Isaacson. The biography is due to be released in its book form in approximately two weeks. This was actually written with help from Steve Jobs, so the creativity and ingenuity is no doubt inside. It […]

Sony Recalling 1.6 Million TV’s

One thing viewers don’t think about when they sit down to watch their favorite show or the big game is the chances that their TV might all of a sudden burst into a giant fireball and burn down your entire home. I mean, perhaps that’s a little extreme, but Sony is recalling 1.6 million Bravia […]

ARM Chips to Compete Against PS3 and Xbox 360

ARM has been trying to higher their performance lately, and it looks like they may have been successful yet again. They told the Inquirer that a new Mali GPU design is due out in 18 months. This will make their chips equal to the current-gen gaming consoles. The ARM-based mobile chip will surpass these two […]

PlayStation 3D TV and Other E3 Goodies

Basically, Sony’s 2011 E3 keynote has been focusing on one major theme: 3D. They have rolled out a surprising advance in technology with this as well. For $499, you can get yourself a new bundle. This bundle comes with a 24″ PlayStation 3D TV, an HDMI cable, a pair of 3D glasses, and Resistance 3. […]

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