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New Features from Blizzard at BlizzCon 2011

While there were technically two days to the BlizzCon event, most of the gaming releases and announcements came on the first day. The second day was filled with mostly tournaments, demos and Foo Fighters. The opening ceremony was great, with Chris Metzen keeping us entertained and being an excellent spokesperson for Blizzard. Now that the […]

Windows 8 IE 10: The Forced Switch to HTML5

Windows 8 will come with two different versions of Internet Explorer 10. One will be like the conventional browser that you and I are so used to. The other, however, is a Metro-style, touch-friendly browser that “lives in the Metro world.” The Metro-style browser will not support plugins, including Flash and Silverlight. These plugins and […]

Windows Server 8 Revealed

Although the Windows 8 operating system is primarly built for the tablet, Windows Server 8 is an operating system built for the cloud. Actually, it’s even built more specifically for “private clouds,” for “on-premises, virtualized deployments with tens or hundreds of virtual machines.” Server Manager contains PowerShell and Server Manager and has a very nice […]

Call of Duty: Elite is Tempting and Expensive

Last weekend, hardcore gamers gathered in Los Angeles to participate in Call of Duty XP, a convention celebrating everything CoD-related. Tickets were $150, but all of the proceeds went to a charity supporting veterans. Oh, and the closing concert featured Kanye West, if you’re interested in him at all. The full details surrounding the premium […]

Developer Dislikes Accurate Borderlands 2 Report from Journalist

Randy Pitchford, Gearbox CEO, is known for not holding back and releasing his true feelings, and he didn’t fail to deliver last night when the news of Borderlands 2 was leaked. Eurogamer was given information from some anonymous source that the game was in development and that Gearbox had a “major announcement coming soon.” Pitchford […]

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