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Facebook Music Platform Release Coming Late September

What could Facebook possibly do next, for better or for worse? Well, at its f8 conference on September 22, they are going to announce a music platform. This comes from an anonymous source speaking to CNBC, though this source is apparently quite credible. The platform is not likely to be as much of a retail […]

Walmart Pulling MP3 Download Store

Walmart is going to be discontinuing its MP3 downloads store, but it will continue to support DRMed tracks that it sold before the store went DRM-free. This news come from a memo that was leaked that was supposed to go to Digital Music News and was later confirmed by a Walmart representative, who told music […]

iPhone Record Recorder

Many people recognize the fact that music sounds the best when played from a vinyl record. Nothing can match the sounds, and whilst everything is in a digital age, at least it feels like you’re going back when you pull out the old vinyl. Well, obviously record players can’t make phone calls, but the iPhone […]

Unlicensed Public Performance of Music Fines are Less than Sharing

Interesting piece from Ars Technica. This article points out that fines for a bar or something like that playing unlicensed music for commercial gain are actually less than what the fine of sharing music is on a P2P network. Massachusetts federal judge Nancy Gertner asks why: “I cannot conceive of any plausible rationale for the […]

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