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Craigslist Kills Adult Services Section

I’m sure you all know Craigslist, the internet classified ads killer of sorts. One of the things it was well known for was its shady adult sections. Well, Craigslist has removed one of them: Adult Services. This is rather unfortunate because it was one of the more amusing sections of the site. A lot of […]

Stealth Makes Crazy Super Keyboard

Do you need a new keyboard? How about a $700 super heavy duty keyboard? If so, you’re in luck, because Stealth has made just that. This keyboard is cased in stainless steel, and has an optical trackball included. Cool, but why is it $700, other than the stainless steel? Well, this keyboard is freaking tough! […]

Favicons of Most Popular Websites

Not really earth shattering news here, but it’s pretty neat. The Nmap security scanner team did a scan of the top million ranked sites on Alexa, grabbed their favicons, and put them on the map in proportion to the amount of traffic they get. The result is a neat mosiac type image. Since the image […]

Did Ferguson keep his sidekick?

I hope he did. I only saw a small bit of the show when the robot sidekick debuted, and it seemed like Craig was having fun with it. I hope he keeps it going. It would be a shame to something like that for only one episode, with the work and effort that must have […]

The jokes are too numerous

These are not being mass produced yet, but the fact that someone desinged these is nothing short of amazing. You are looking at a fully functioning keyboard built into a pair of jeans. These jeans can connect to a computer via a wireless USB and even have peripheral devices like speakers in the knees. What’s […]

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