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White MacBook Discontinued, iBook Legacy Finished

Apple has decided to discontinue its entry-level plastic MacBook. Apple will no longer be thought of as the company with the white plastic-covered laptops. With the MacBook Air selling so well, and starting at the same price of $999, they have decided to get rid of the MacBook entirely in order to keep going with […]

MacBook Air – New Samsung SSD Drives

Back in the fall of 2010, Apple made all of their MacBook Airs SSD-only. They were made by Toshiba, and worked well for what was needed. However, the MacBook Airs now have made an ever bigger leap. They are now packed with SSD drives made by Samsung. These SSD drives are on average 20% faster […]

MacBook Pro 15″ Guts

The post-launch teardown has been completed of the MacBook Pro. iFixit overall liked the design and modifications/updates, though they did find a few things that left them questioning Apple’s quality control. It isn’t a huge deal if you aren’t going to be messing with the guts of your device, but this revision of the MacBook […]

Going green on the go

With the push to be more environmentally friendly, being resourceful and practical needs to be equal.  I think this laptop bag fills both purposes.  It’s got solar energy cells to run your laptop for five hours.  That way you can save on your laptop battery and use less electricity when plugging it in.  I may […]

A gaming laptop

Dell is catering to the gaming demographic with its M11X gaming laptop.  The 11.6 inch high def screen will be able to play games such as “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2″ at 30 frames per second.  A built-in webcam and a SIM card for wireless access completes the package.  The only thing missing is an […]

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