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Keyboard App that Will Help Type on Smartphones

Have you ever noticed that you probably type quicker on a normal desktop keyboard than your smartphone keyboard? Do you miss the QWERTY keyboard and the old clicking noise when you type? I do! Researchers have designed an app that will improve your keyboard typing rate over 30 percent.  When I first looked at the […]

Ring Designs: Brilliant!

Has anyone really sat down and thought about how cool titanium rings can really be? To be honest, the Triton promise ring I got a few weeks ago is made of cobalt, and that’s something that I kind of prefer. However, a lot of people choose titanium as their number one choice, and quite frankly […]

Cancun Vacation

Okay, I know I usually talk about technology or something in the news, but today is a little bit different. I just have to post about it because I’m so excited. I just booked, along with my girlfriend, an all-inclusive vacation package to Cancun, Mexico. It’s sure been awhile since I went on vacation. In […]

Tungsten Ring Info

Today, and in the spirit of my girlfriend and I getting each other promise rings, I wanted to simply chill out and give you readers a little tungsten ring info that some of you, if not all, will find fascinating. Tomorrow we will be back to the regular news. Deal? Deal. Now that we got […]

RibbonWick Candles

Do you need a fresh scent in your office or living room? Do you want to do it without having something compromise any interior design or without adding anything “ugly” to your room? I mean, let’s face it, who wants those odorizers that spray a scent plugged into their outlet or just a normal candle […]

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