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The jokes are too numerous

These are not being mass produced yet, but the fact that someone desinged these is nothing short of amazing. You are looking at a fully functioning keyboard built into a pair of jeans. These jeans can connect to a computer via a wireless USB and even have peripheral devices like speakers in the knees. What’s […]

Who Watches the Watchmen?

Name an IT professional that isn’t into Comics and I’ll show you an IT professional that’s in the wrong business! With Watchment coming ut soon it’s time to jump on the bandwagon and get your watchmen gear. This movie will be bigger than Spiderman IMO and rightfully so. I’m not sure how closely the movie […]

LED Binary Watch

Wow, this might just be the ultimate in geekdom! Are you good enough to tell time in Binary? Well for those who are, here is an LED lit Binary wrist watch that is sure to confuse the living hell out of your friends and family! Here is an excerpt from their website, “This watch displays […]

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