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Firefox 13 Beta

With Firefox 12 already released, Mozilla has turned its focus to polishing Firefox 13, which is due out six weeks from now. If you don’t want to wait that long, you can download the Firefox 13 beta now. The newest and biggest feature in Firefox 13 is “tabs on demand.” When Firefox restarts when you […]

Browser Market Shares

We definitely have some interesting numbers today, in percentages even! One of the great statistics of the Internet is the usage of browsers and the adoption of new versions. For example, if you make a browser, you want your customers updating to the newest version you release to make sure they’re getting the best experience […]

Firefox 8 Officially Released

Mozilla has officially released Firefox 8, the newest version to the already popular open source Web browser. There are a few new features that are available that help to up the ratings and usability of this browser. The built-in search from the navigation toolbar has been integrating with Twitter so that Firefox users can search […]

Windows 8 IE 10: The Forced Switch to HTML5

Windows 8 will come with two different versions of Internet Explorer 10. One will be like the conventional browser that you and I are so used to. The other, however, is a Metro-style, touch-friendly browser that “lives in the Metro world.” The Metro-style browser will not support plugins, including Flash and Silverlight. These plugins and […]

Firefox 5 Released

Only three months after the arrival of Firefox 4 comes astonishingly, Firefox 5. This is the first release of their planned 4 releases this year. I suppose that they could release as many as they wanted, but it’s what is inside the releases that counts. What exactly is in Firefox 5? CSS animations are now […]

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