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Google No Longer Supporting BlackBerry’s Gmail App

While Google has already made quite a few significant cuts to services that it is supporting and deeming more “outside of its focus” in the past few months, another has made the list. However, the userbase is a little smaller than many think and Google is trying to push out services for the majority. Google […]

TeaMp0isoN Hacks Blackberry Website in Wake of London Riots

A TeaMp0isoN member that goes by the handle TriCk defaced a website that belongs to Blackberry maker Research in Motion on Tuesday afternoon. This came soon after the company said it would aid London police in investigating several days of rioting that have already led to one death. This all started when alleged drug dealer […]

RIM Recalls PlayBook Tablets

Now, in the video game world, things are a bit different. It’s very common, especially with OTA updates, for a company to release a game, and weeks to months later, release a patch that fixes many errors in the game. This allows the users to feel like the company is behind the game, as well […]

How cool is this?

Nikola Tesla (“Who?) boldly predicted the wireless revolution that we are privileged to experience. No big deal, right? Anyone could have seen it coming 10 years ago. Well, when you realize Tesla made that prediction in the 1909 issue of Popular Mechanics, it takes me back a step, I don’t know about you. The world […]

Something Everyone Should Know

This is a cautionary tale that happened to my wife.  I have to pass this along so everyone can be prepared.  My wife was coming home from work one day when she saw a car in the ditch along side the road. She pulled off and found an older lady that had spun her car and skidded into the ditch. The older lady did have a cell phone and had called […]

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