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The cell phone trend

I have watched the evolution of cell phone technology with fascination. The smart phones, the iPhone, Blackberries, everything that cell phones can do is amazing. However, I don’t think they can do everything. A new study reveals that only 1 out of every 4 households still has a home phone line due to various members […]

I guess this makes sense

I don’t know what to think of this. But, to be fair, I’m coming from a completely different point of view.  If you are single and looking to find Ms. Right (or at least Ms. Right-Now), there are a multitude of sites dedicated to playing matchmaker. But for some people, the process of filtering through […]

Internet addiction

I guess humans can become addicted to anything. There’s a new study today that says some teens are showing signs of addiction withdrawal when they disconnected from anything internet related or even cell phones. They only followed them for a day, but that was enough for the test subjects to display anxiety and a general inability to […]

Broadband internet solutions

There’s a story about small cable companies not receiving money from the government with the intention of bringing broadband to rural areas. Larger companies got the lion’s share of the money. Smaller cable companies are worried about being able to compete for customers.  Here’s what I say about this. I live in a rural area and […]

Something Everyone Should Know

This is a cautionary tale that happened to my wife.  I have to pass this along so everyone can be prepared.  My wife was coming home from work one day when she saw a car in the ditch along side the road. She pulled off and found an older lady that had spun her car and skidded into the ditch. The older lady did have a cell phone and had called […]

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