Who Would Have Thought Custom Engagement Rings Orange County Has the Coolest Design Software

I’m kind of a picky person when it comes to electronics, my clothing and gifts I give. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that I will be custom ordering my future fiance’s engagement ring. Since I have the knowledge of the latest and greatest technology, internet and apps, I put it to good use to find out just what brides to be were expecting engagement ring wise. I found out, most are looking for a large diamond (go figure …. women) this information didn’t help me as I assumed this from the beginning. Which meant I was still left with no ideas on what type of ring to get.

To be honest I wish my girlfriend would be more forward about what type of ring, or even style, shes looking for because I’m dumbfounded, especially after I began shopping. All the rings look the same and I’m so nervous I won’t choose the right one. But instead of throwing myself a petty party (which I did for a little while) I decided I would design my own. Yes me, design the ring! Considering I have a good handle on the diamond shape I’m looking for I thought I would create a one of a kind feature for my special girl. I’m looking for something that is timeless, has a good warranty and guaranteed quality. Custom engagement rings Orange County jewelers offer have a guarantee on quality, which is not very common now days so I thought I would take advantage of it. Plus the software to design it is really awesome! Take a peak at the work in progress … what do you think?

Photo: Custom making jewelry can feel complicated at times .. We simplify the process.. Check out the 5 steps for making this intricate feather ring.   What do you think about the process ?

A Smartphone Is Coming For The Blind

Have you ever thought how you would use a smartphone is you were blind?  I haven’t, but India based company Kriyate has.  The start up company released that they will unveil a Braille smartphone to the public next year.  The phone is a very novel idea.  The phone works by having a pop-up Braille display.  Once the consumer has touched the pop-up pin display, and read the info, the pins will lower back into the phone.


The phone will have the ability to go over letters and translate them into Braille for the user.

I have heard of a few other companies in the past trying to help out thew blind community, but no one has come up with the pin idea to date.  If you would like to see the phone more in action, take a look at this video.  This was a presentation given at  2011 at the Ted Talks Convention outlining the phone.  This would be very neat if this smartphone will catch on with the consumer.

Start Collecting Sports Trading Cards

DCS Sports Cards-Baseball Topps

Trading cards are a great way to take your love for sports to a whole new level. You can get sports cards for just about any sport out there: baseball, basketball, football, hockey, UFC, MMA, racing, golf, and more.

Collecting sports trading cards is a hobby that can also make you a profit! Oftentimes, rookie cards of rookie players that make it big can be worth BIG bucks in the future. A Michael Jordan rookie card can go for $5,000-$10,000 if it’s in mint condition!

I visit DCS Sports cards online for all of my sports trading card needs. They have Super Saver Specials and Featured Specials, and always save with free ground shipping on orders over $100!


Yahoo App Reinvented

I opened my app store today to notice I had an update for the Yahoo.  Now, before I go into this I’ll let you know that before the update I wasn’t big into Yahoo’s app.  But after it downloaded and I played around with it for a while, I started to really enjoy the new Summly integrated software.  If you are unfamiliar with what Summly is, it is basically the way you see the articles in the app.  You can see the preview of the article as well as a picture.  As you scroll further down on the home screen, more articles will appear.  Then from the home page you can click on the article to view the whole thing.  Below is a picture of what Summly integration in the app looks like…



If you can’t see it at first like what the picture shows above, that is because you have to turn on the Summly feature.  To do this, simply click on the hamburger button in the left hand corner, and click on “All Stories-visual”.  Lastly, another cool thing Yahoo has integrated is that at the bottom of each article, you can now share on Facebook, Twitter etc.  I enjoy the new features Yahoo has put into their newest update.

Keyboard App that Will Help Type on Smartphones

Have you ever noticed that you probably type quicker on a normal desktop keyboard than your smartphone keyboard? Do you miss the QWERTY keyboard and the old clicking noise when you type? I do! Researchers have designed an app that will improve your keyboard typing rate over 30 percent.  When I first looked at the keyboard I noticed something weird.  The keys are in different spots. Maybe this is how they are expecting you to be able to type faster.  The technology and format of the new keyboard will be based on the consumer using their thumbs on the touch device.





The new keyboard will be named the KALQ, and will be released initially be released on the android market place in early May. I think that if it catches on with smartphone users, it will be to the App Store in no time.  Will it replace QWERTY as the new thing in keyboards?  Time will tell.

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